Organizational Support

Financial Management (FM). Serves as principal advisor to AFMAA/CC and staff on financial management and budget issues.  Forecasts, executes, and analyzes AFMAA’s annual budget.  Leads development of the AFMAA Program Objective Memorandum input to AF/A1 and manages resources within the Future Years Defense Program structure.  Manages budget analysis, execution plans, and operating budgets for AFMAA.  Acts as focal point for all AFMAA audits, provides Defense Travel System oversight, and manages the AFMAA Government Travel Card program. 


Human Resources (HR).  Provides quality programs and customer service support to AFMAA/CC, leaders at all levels, and assigned personnel.  The HR section is responsible for the AFMAA commander’s manpower, personnel, records, Freedom of Information and Privacy Act, publications, and other programs deemed essential in order to affect mission accomplishment and success for personnel assigned to AFMAA, the Manpower Requirements Squadrons, and Operating Locations. In addition, HR serves as a conduit between assigned personnel, the commander, and other base agencies and coordinate with local military and civilian personnel flights to ensure personnel needs are met.  


Inspector General (IG). Partners with AFMAA leadership, subordinate units, and host Wing IG to facilitate compliant program strategic direction.  The IG is responsible for directing, conducting, leading, and evaluating all AFMAA IG programs and activities.  Responsible for overall operation, administration, and management of AFMAA IG inspections; Complaints Resolution Program; Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA) Program; and Commander’s Inspection Program.  Maintains liaison with external IG activities (where appropriate) to receive, process, refer, and manage information, resources, assets, and activities to support operation and management of the Air Force Inspection and Complaints Resolution and FWA Programs.


Communications Support (SC).  Provides HQ AFMAA with the following Communications support programs: Help Desk/Client Systems, Cybersecurity, IT Acquisition (hardware and software licenses), and Conference Room Audio-Visual technical support. 


Plans and Programs (XP).  Serves as chief consultants to AFMAA/CC and Executive Leadership Team on all matters pertaining to the health and operational control of AFMAA and subordinate units.  Interprets policies, executes authorities as directed, and develops guidance, standards, and processes as it pertains to organizational performance.  Develops metrics and conducts data analysis to assess agency performance and health.  Provides expert consultation in the following areas: Organizational Strategic Planning Architect and Strategic Initiatives, Performance Metrics, Future Facilities Planning, Cross-cutting Performance Measures, Change Management Support Agreements, Project Portfolio Manager, and ServiceNow Program Management.


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