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To manage enterprise-wide manpower customer engagement ensuring effective knowledge sharing and collaboration across the community.  AFMAA is responsible for ensuring the development, sustainment, and marketing of communication mediums and certifies information is up-to-date.  Another engagement responsibility is managing the Air Force Airmen Powered by Innovation (API) program the fosters innovation for greater Air Force performance. 



The API program gives every Airman the opportunity to be an innovative Intrapreneur and to be a part of creating a smarter, faster Air Force.  Airmen can embrace Intrapreneurship by applying their knowledge to better the Air Force in ways that only they know how to.  No idea is too small to make a big change. Local consultants are standing by to help you ideate, develop, and refine your ideas.  When you are ready, consultants will also be able to help you develop a convincing pitch to your commander.  We are also looking to scale your ideas to improve not just your base or unit, but the entire enterprise. You hold the power to improve our Air Force. Think BIG, and DRIVE INNOVATION!

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Our Outreach section, leverages customer engagement mediums to advise internal and external customers on manpower processes and resolve questions or concerns. We are also responsible for managing content on IT platforms such as MilBook and SharePoint pertaining to the needs of both AFMAA and the broader manpower enterprise.  Finally, we have the awesome responsibility of developing and publishing manpower articles “MO News” and operate the Manpower Enterprise Contact Center activities.

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