-  Air Force Manpower Determinant (AFMD) - A means of quantifying manpower requirements. Determinants may cover a wide variety of products including but not limited to; manpower determinants, assessments, models, and guides.

  -  Management Advisory Study (MAS) - A consultant service requested by a base-level work center supervisor or manager and generally applicable only to that base.  Specific results are released with permission of the requesting office of primary responsibility.

  -  Manpower Assessments (MA) - Assessments are special efforts or initiatives, which serve a useful purpose in evaluating required manpower when formal determinant development is not feasible. Due to their situational application, assessments may or may not follow the discipline or rigor of the more formal manpower determinant development process. All measurement and analysis methods and tools employed for developing a formal manpower determinant are appropriate for use in accomplishing these assessments.

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  -  Total Force Requirements – Develops wartime AFMDs for Low Density/High Demand (LD/HD) functions, justifications where wartime demands are significantly higher than in-garrison demands, and for wartime only functions.  Conducts manpower assessments for wartime only functions, LD/HD functions, and Joint and Combatant Command (CCMD) functions.  Evaluates study methods, analysis, and results for Joint/CCMD studies performed by non-AFMAA agencies in support of the Joint Manpower Validation Board. 

  -  Total Force Analytics – Interprets Office of the Secretary of Defense,  Secretary of Air Force, Chief of Air Force, and Air Staff guidance to develop wartime, contingency guidance, and business practices.

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Manpower Programming Factors – To ensure the Air Force maintains appropriate level of manpower resources, programming factors are used to manage proper levels are developed and used by Air Force programmers for Human Capital management.  Types of Air Force Factors developed (e.g., Man-hour Availability, Base Support Tail, Personnel Reliability Program, Arming and Use of Force, Indirect Allowance Factor, Transient, and Personnel in holding status (Prisoners, patients, and separates).

Military Grades – Allocation of military grades regarding “Funded” positions to commands within congressionally mandated levels in accordance with Air Force policy. Grades must remain in balance with the funding accounts identified within the annual DoD Authorization Bill.


Colonel and Chief Master Sergeant Grade Review -  A six part review process beginning with position validation and culminating with the implementation of the board results.  AFMAA executes the process for managing these critical resources ensuring statutory compliance set forth by Title 10 United States Code.